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      【提面真題】MBA 提面常見英語40題,助你提面優秀

      2022-06-28 16:47 | 太奇MBA網

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      1.Would you please make a brief introduction about yourself?

      2.Why did you take the MBA examination? Would you please say something about the currently MBA program in China?

      3.Why do you choose our University to study MBA? Tell me a little about  our   University form your understanding.

      4.How do the people around you review MBA?

      5.What‘s the difference between MBA program at  home and abroad?

      6.If you failed this time what will you do in the near future?

      7.Why do  you  want  to be a  part of MBA students?

      8.Why do you think you are qualified for MBA program?

      9.Do you have a career plan in 5 years?

      10.Do you have a study plan if you were accepted as  a MBA student?

      11.What’s your opinion about the requirement that a MBA student must

      have working experience?

      12.How do you define marketing or


      13.Do you think English is quite important in MBA study? Why?

      14.Do you  think MBA training courses will help you a lot in your future life? Why?

      15.What do you want to do after your MBA study?

      16.What is the most important qualification that a MBA student should have?

      17.Say a little about teamwork.

      18.Say a little  about  management.

      19.How communication works in organizations?

      20.Tell me the relationship between the management and management theory.

      21.What will you do if you can't find a job?

      22.Do you think that the economy will

      get better?

      23.Who are you currently employed with?

      24.What kinds of opportunities are you looking for?

      25.What is your biggest accomplishment on the job?

      26.What joy did you enjoy the most

      and why?

      27.What would your former boss say

      about you?

      28.Why did you leave your last job?

      29.Please tell me a little about your working history? What kind of fields?

      30.Say a little about your educational background.

      31.What are your strengths and weakness?

      32.What do you do in your spare time?

      33.What is your impression of Shanghai ?

      34.What is CFO? If you were a CFO, what would you do?

      35.What is the difference between sales andmarketing?

      36.If you want to develop a new brand of ice cream in China,what strategy would you pursue?

      37.Leader should keep distance or get close to his or her employee ?

      38.What are the main tasks facing a business leader nowadays ?

      39.Discuss the differences between

      mangers and leaders ?

      40.If you are granted 3 wishes ,what will they be ?