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      2016-04-28 15:36 | 太奇MBA網

      管理類碩士官方備考群,考生互動,擇校評估,真題討論 點擊加入備考群>>


        1、what will you do if you can“t find a job?

        2、do you think that the economy will get better?

        3、who are you currently employed with?

        4、what kinds of opportunities are you looking for?

        5、what is your biggest accomplishment on the job?

        6、what joy did you enjoy the most and why?

        7、what would your former boss say about you?

        8、why did you leave your last job?

        9、please tell me a little about your working history? what kind of fields?

        10、say a little about your educational background、

        11、what are your strengths and weakness?

        12、what do you do in your spare time?

        13、what is your impression of beijing?

        14、what is cfo? if you were a cfo, what would you do?

        15、what is the difference between sales and marketing?